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Friends, it is so good to finally get to share this painting with you:  “Advent” oil – 72 x 58. As you might tell by the size, it was a little bit of a big deal for me.  It is my first painting obviously inspired by my faith, and it is about the seeking, and the finding, in the climate, the time, and the flavor of this season.  May your own prayers, meditations, and evening walks bring you peace.


I've been back at this November - December painting again. It's titled "Resting Place," and I'll share progress photos of it as it moves along.

Here is a page to show the most recent phase of this plein air painting. I've been at it for 3 September - Octobers so far, and it has been such a pleasure. I had to leave off right at the beginning of really going after the water, which was slightly painful ... but ah, next year : >)  
  Here is a plein air painting titled: "Morning Path." I got it going this last September - October and was pretty dazzled by its complexity and daily changes in light and color effects. I spent some of the time just looking with my mouth open, but I did figure some of it out.
link to the painting titled Lilies Loudly.

Here is a "Flowers First" painting that worked out. This plein air piece was a real adventure, in that I couldn't predict its evolution as much as usual. I had to react very instinctively on the fly each day, knowing that the 2 or 3 flowers I was painting would be very different the following day and after.

  Here is a "lookback" sketch painting of our daughter in the garden.

Here is a plein air painting from last May. I nicknamed my outdoor flower-painting process "Flowers First, Leaves Later," and this one came just one flower short of finished. Some rain and heat "assisted" with that. Ah, the painting life ... hope to see you in May of 2022, Rhody.

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