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Here is a special page to animate 8 phases of this plein air painting.. I've been at it for 3 Septembers so far, and I'm hoping to get another week or so on it before the forest changes too much. It makes its own little movie, and I hope you enjoy it.  

Here is a plein air painting from last May. I nicknamed my outdoor flower-painting process "Flowers First, Leaves Later," and this one came just one flower short of finished. Some rain and heat "assisted" with that. Ah, the painting life ... hope to see you next year, Rhody.

Here is a "lookback" painting of our daughter in the garden.  
  Here is a painting of my wife Susan. Her name means "Lily", so it's titled "Lilies." link to painting titled lilies
link to the painting titled up

Here is a plein air painting that was a while in the making. It took 3 and a half summers. While it was indeed a headache and a neckache, it was also a true joy, and I would not trade the many afternoons with these trees back: "Up," 48 x 36.

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