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3 days of gray weather allowed me to do this small plein air painting ... with a few rain breaks. I really enjoy these daffodils. They are petite, but their forms are so elegant: "Small Chorus of Angels" 8 x 10 oil painting.


"Marchshhhhh" - in progress, 12.5 x 21 oil painting. I noticed some errors in my color work at the beginning of this season, and so launched into reworking the water. The top and left are repainted, and I think you can see the transition about a third down. I am looking forward to getting back to this next year!

Here is the afternoon companion of the above March/April plein air painting. My color work from the previous year was even more noticeably "off," so a healthy scrape and sand, and reapproach made me much happier. Still the bottom half to go for this painting in progress: "Spring Chatter" 18 x 30.  
  Here is a plein air painting from our backyard. I was going to paint something else, when this sight stopped me ... I'm glad it did: "Backyard Forsythia" 9 x 12 oil painting.

This plein air piece was done on a series of gray days this past autumn. In part it is having some fun with not having a single focal point to reflect what it was like to be with this subject. Each of these buds was asking for their place in the story: "Waiting for May in Gray" 9 x 12 oil painting.

  Friends, it is so good to finally get to share this painting with you:  “Advent” oil – 72 x 58. As you might tell by the size, it was an important painting for me, and it is my first painting obviously inspired by my faith. It is about the seeking, and the finding, in the climate, the time, and the flavor of the winter season.  May your own prayers, meditations, and evening walks bring you peace.

"December Bright" 14 x 24 oil painting: this plein air piece is how I spent my sunny November - December afternoons. It's remarkable how much this subject doesn't look like itself an hour before and after the peak time: but during that glorious hour it is so fun chasing after it.

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