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The arc of the sun is low at this time of year, but it can sure still brighten an afternoon: "December Bright" 14 x 24 oil painting in progress.  

It was so good to work through a second season on this October November plein air painting and race along with all its energy: "Autumn Rushhhhh" 13 x 21 oil painting - in progress.

This November morning plein air painting began at its center, and I'm working my way outwards. Here's how far it got this past autumn: "Resting Place" 24 x 36 oil painting in progress.  
  "Summer's Ending Sparkles" 26 x 40 oil painting - in progress: it was such a good season on this plein air painting, to work through the water, and get that nearly finished. It's asking me for some refinements there, and to finish the forest when September comes back around.

I finished up my second season on this morning plein air painting, and its complexity is giving me more practice with just breathing, trusting, and trying ... "Morning Path" 32 x 40 oil painting - in progress.

  Here is an update to show how far this painting progressed for the summer. It really was such a pleasure watching these afternoons going by: "Beside Restful Waters" 24 x 36 oil painting - in progress

“Advent” oil – 72 x 58: friends, it has been so good to share this first painting obviously inspired by my faith. It is about the seeking, and the finding, in the climate, the time, and the flavor of the winter season.  May your own prayers, meditations, and evening walks bring you peace.

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