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It has been so good to be back at work again with "Shaded Pool," my summer morning painting in progress. Here is a recent phase.  

Friends, this plein air painting experience was like none other. I had to move quickly and instinctively along with these growing flowers ... a little like being an instrument in a growing garden: "Lilies Loudly."

Here is my late afternoon plein air painting in progress. It's a meditation on both tranquility and watching a summer afternoon going by: "Beside Restful Waters."  
  Here is a progress update of my midday summer painting: "Fallen in the Afternoon" 18 x 30 oil painting in progress.

Here is a recently finished backyard plein air painting. It was a carryover from last year, and I waited until the bush came back into bloom. An excellent model was found for the unfinished flower, plus a few leafy additions : >)

  3 days of gray weather allowed me to do this small plein air painting ... with a few rain breaks. I really enjoy these daffodils. They are petite, but their forms are so elegant: "Small Chorus of Angels" 8 x 10 oil painting.

Friends, it is so good to finally get to share this painting with you:  “Advent” oil – 72 x 58. As you might tell by the size, it was an important painting for me, and it is my first painting obviously inspired by my faith. It is about the seeking, and the finding, in the climate, the time, and the flavor of the winter season.  May your own prayers, meditations, and evening walks bring you peace.

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