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There's this wondrous mini-season in the forest,where the understory has greened and is growing, but the trees are just sprouting. It's been tapping on my shoulder for a while, and this year I finally decided to try to say something about it: "Path into the New" 24 x 30 oil painting - in progress.  

Here's how far this piece got for the year. I really enjoy this cluster of trees during this short but bright time of year: "Family Tree in Spring" 12 x 16 oil painting - in progress.

The season for this one is fairly short. and it got shortened even more by a week of rain. I sure love this bright drama though, and look forward to seeing it again next year: "Springtime Rushhhhh" 8 x 15 oil painting - in progress.  
  The stream's flow was consistently high for this season, so I decided to do a sketch of this spot in that mood: "Aprilshhhhh" 6 x 11 oil painting.

"Spring Chatter" 18 x 30 oil painting - in progress: I took this painting backwards 2 steps, and my forward steps for the lower water flow feel much better now. I'll hope to get to the middle section next year.

  This spot is the same tree pair as my summertime "Restful Waters" piece, and I was drawn to the peace that lives at this spot in the spring also: "Restful Spring"12 x 16 oil painting - in progress.

This painting was inspired by a golden moment of our daughter watching my mother-in-law repair a homemade stuffy, or "peluche," that was a gift. We were visiting the family village in the north of Spain, where the kitchen was not built on a rectangle: "Surgery" 16 x 20 oil painting.

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