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Here are my painted meditations to celebrate Holy Week 2024.


It was another good season on my morning November plein air painting. I'll look forward to watching Autumn take its walk through the forest again next fall: "Resting Place" 24 x 36 oil painting - in progress.

"Autumn Rushhhhh" 13 x 21 oil painting - in progress: I took this painting backwards 2 steps, so that my forward steps would feel better. The season for it goes by so fast, and leaves me wanting to work with it more and more. But its visual drama and fun will have to wait for October.  

It's remarkable how each different plein air painting can have a different pace to it, and this one has felt somewhere around 15 mph over the speed limit, both in its first season and this past second one too. I'll look forward to more of its recklessness next fall: "Fallen Toward Fall" 24 x 36 oil painting - in progress.

One of the real challenges with this painting is for me to stay calm. The light effects create something that is a kind of spectacular, and they last only a short while. I really have to trust what I'm seeing and just try: "Morning Path" 32 x 40 oil painting - in progress.


I got to finally cover the whole canvas this last season, but some refinements began begging me to be done in the center water area and the lower left where I had begun this painting. I think they're right, so it will carry over for one more September/October next year: "Summer's Ending Sparkles" 26 x 40 oil painting - still in progress.

This painting was inspired by a golden moment of our daughter watching my mother-in-law repair a homemade stuffy, or "peluche," that was a gift. We were visiting the family village in the north of Spain, where the kitchen was not built on a rectangle: "Surgery" 16 x 20 oil painting.

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