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This painting was inspired by a golden moment of our daughter watching my mother-in-law repair a homemade stuffy, or "pelucha," that was a gift. We were visiting the family village in the north of Spain, where the kitchen was not built on a rectangle: "Surgery" 16 x 20 oil painting.


This painting is a hybrid, where the bottom half was done plein air during some very mild february mornings, but then it sat on the shelf as nature refused to offer those "same kind of clouds." I completed the top half in the studio: "Steeple in Winter" 9 x 15 oil painting.

I did this plein air painting many years ago, and it hung in my studio with the un-printed label: "There's something wrong with this painting." I finally realized what it was and touched it up, so now I can just remember those happy mornings: "Francis' Garden" 16 x 12 oil painting.  

It was another good season on this painting that I love so much, and progress was made through the center section. Still the lower third to go for next year: "Marchshhhhh" 12.5 x 21 oil painting - in progress.

My afternoon March/April plein air painting came tantalizingly close to being finished in April, but I decided that the middle sections may need refinement, and that a few more looks at it during its peak season next year will make it worth the wait: "Spring Chatter" 18 x 30 oil painting - in progress.


Happy Pentecost, Friends

For those of us in Faith family, this is the day where we finally "get it," and that is a day truly worth celebrating!

This past winter I began a personal devotion piece after receiving permission to paint inside our church. A little plein-indoor-air, for some winter warmth: "Our Crucifix" 40 x 30 oil painting - in progress.

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