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Happy Mother's Day, Friends!

Here is a little pen and ink I did during nap-time many years ago, but the gratitude is as current as ever : >)


It was another good season on this painting that I love so much, and progress was made through the center section. Still the lower third to go for next year: "Marchshhhhh" 12.5 x 21 oil painting - in progress.

My afternoon March/April plein air painting came tantalizingly close to being finished in April, but I decided that the middle sections may need refinement, and that a few more looks at it during its peak season next year will make it worth the wait: "Spring Chatter" 18 x 30 oil painting - in progress.  
  This winter I began a personal devotion piece after receiving permission to paint inside our church. A little plein-indoor-air, for some winter warmth: "Our Crucifix" 40 x 30 oil painting - in progress.

I was warmed by a beam of winter sun this last January, having two of my paintings recognized by the ARC International Salon. "Advent" earned an Honorable Mention in the figurative category, which I appreciated very much. Thank you Art Renewal Center, for all of your work to support our artform!

  Here are my painted meditations for Holy Week 2023. I included some reflections, which I hope will enhance your own. God Bless.

It was so good to work through a second season on this October November plein air painting and race along with all its energy: "Autumn Rushhhhh" 13 x 21 oil painting - in progress.

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