my easel while painting shaded pool
the painting titled shaded pool in progress


My easel at "Shaded Pool."
This painting was my morning plein air piece this last summer. Any one day of painting is an adventure, and when you stack up sunny days over 4 months, the adventure only grows. The artist is offered options to consider and reconsider, which is the beauty of the process. I sure loved seeing how many different ways this pool could be in just one season.
"Shaded Pool"
Oil - 24 x 32
Here is a progress photo of the painting. It is all up and down the left side that is not finished. It got further along than this when I ran out of summer, and I'm finishing it in the studio now. It was slightly comical painting the lefthand rocks in September. The last few sessions had me throwing fallen leaves out of view ... one man's futile effort to delay autumn.