"Morning Path" in progress
Oil - 32 x 40

When I first encountered this subject a year ago, I really fell in love with its deep beauty that I could both understand and not understand, and it all compelled me to do it as a biggish piece. In it there are a lot of things that don't look like you might expect them to, so I know I'm in for a real experience of discovery with this one. Here's a look at my process in a pretty early phase, and it's definitely still the "getting to know you" part of things. I tend to move towards what I don't know gradually, until I "get it" for that part ... and there's a lot I "don't get" so far : >) There's a wonderful morning glare on the water, and one morning I really chased after part of it. A week or so later, I thought: "hmmm, maybe it should be more like THIS?" so more time with it is what's needed to sort things out.