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welcome spring
link to painting titled fallen in fall Here is a plein air painting from this last fall. It's part of a series I have started of fallen trees.  

This painting is shared with love and appreciation for my mother in law, as well as for all that grammas do for their families everywhere.

link to painting titled abuela sewing
link to painting titled autumn stories Here is another plein air painting from fall. It's funny how at this time of year all afternoon feels like late afternoon. I experienced this spot as a little nook of quiet and peace.  
  Here's a plein air painting that's just underway of a fallen tree in winter. link to painting in progress titled fallen in winter
link to painting titled summer bubbles

Here's a painting of our daughter to capture some of the magic that can be found in any summer backyard.

All paintings in this site are under the copyright of Robert J Barber